How to Build An Outdoor Fireplace Step-by-Step Guide

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and entertain friends all year round. But how do you build one? There’s no need to hire someone or spend big bucks on an expensive kit when it can be done in 8 easy steps that anyone can tackle!

Step 1: Create a Design

If you’re looking for a quick and easy design idea, how about this one:

– Place the fireplace in an open area with plenty of space for seating around it.

– Make sure you have a way to safely contain the fire (a gravel base or metal ring works well).

– Decide on a height and how deep you want the fireplace to be.

Step 2: Create a Concrete Foundation

Build The Foundation and Walls :

– Use a level to mark out the foundation area.

– Dig down to the desired depth and place gravel in the bottom of the hole.

– Add concrete mix and water, following the instructions on the package. Stir until it is smooth and pour into the hole.

– Level off with a trowel and let dry overnight

Step 3: Lay Concrete

Add concrete cinder blocks in the design, lay a layer of mortar between each block, and leave a hole at the top of the chimney for ventilation.

Step 4: Build a Façade Frame

2X4 lumber is cut to size with a chop saw using notetaking as a reference. Using the nail gun or the drill, nail or screw together each 2X4 in sequence.

Step 5: Attach Cement Board

Cut cement board to size using chop saw. Place cement board on the frame, leaving a gap at the bottom to fit around the base. Attach with nails or screws driving them through the cement board and into each stud of wood framing.

– Add concrete mix and water, following the instructions on how much your kit requires

– Stir until it is smooth and pour into hole

Step 6: Add Mortar

Refer to the instructions on the packaging for information on how to mix mortar.

– Spread the mortar over the surface of cement board

– Smooth with a trowel and allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 7: Install Stacked Stone

Maintain a straight path with the help of string lines. Continue placing stones and maintaining a consistent distance between them.

Step 8: Attach Chimney Cap

Metal is the most common material for chimney caps; wear protective gloves before handling. Fit your single-flue chimney cap over the flue and firmly tighten the screws around the perimeter of the chimney cap if it’s a single-flued model. A solid push into the flue is required for inside-mount chimney caps that