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Stone Fireplace Designs

When people think about a fireplace, what often comes to mind is one made of stone or bricks. And when stone is being talked about, oftentimes people consider it to be a sturdy and durable construction material that is fire resistant. They’re right, no doubt about it.

The stone fireplace dates back to the olden times during which it was mainly used for cooking. Also known as the masonry type, it can accommodate different types of fuel from wood to natural gas and even biomass.

This type of fireplace can blend well with any interior design theme. However, it’s often used in homes with a rustic or classic feel.

Varied stone fireplace designs can be seen today in homes. Whether situated inside or outside the home, the structure serves as a great area for family members to bond and keep warm on freezing nights.

The primary and most important consideration when creating a stone fireplace is the material to use. Homeowners have several choices today in terms of stone and they can even combine it with other materials to achieve a stylish and unique design.

With pure stones, the major choices are the regular stones, the cobblestone or the limestone. The standard stones can be used to create the main framework outside of the firebox and wood can be used to create the mantel piece above.

Other designs often seen extend the mantel upwards to create a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace which can really make the structure as the main focal point of the room. For a high ceiling impact, an attractive option is to use stones in the entire wall where the fireplace is located. This design is perfect for drawing attention to the architectural features of a specific room.

Marble is a great material to use as well. This can be used plainly or with beautiful hand carvings. With its elegance and clean look, a fireplace made from this is a standout particularly in a spacious room with a simple interior design theme.

Stone veneers are the cheaper option. They’re manufactured products that provide the same stone effect to a room but at a lower price than using the real stones.

Limestone is a good choice for homeowners who want to create a framework withstraight lines and with no curves that cobblestones have. A fireplace using this material can blend well with a classic or modern interior design theme particularly those that use light colors.

Another design out of the usual is to build a fireplace with an elevated foundation. This is ideal if one wants to use the structure for cooking and create a storage place underneath for wooden logs and other items. If this is the case, the fireplace is situated in the kitchen.

Additionally, a stone fireplace need not always have a square or rectangular hearth that many of us often see. With stones, one can also achieve an arched hearth even with the existing square shaped firebox. An important tip is to cover the metal part of the firebox that’s showing with the same stone material used for the framework.

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