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Foreword - To all who delight in the cozy cheer of an open hearth fire. The Majestic Com­pany sincerely dedicates this book.

Like an old family friend, the fire­place is always good company and shares many of life's most treasured memories. Alive with merrily crackling logs, brightly blazing coals, or softly simmering embers, it can match any human mood

1. Appearance + Heat - Proper design, not cost, is the key to a successful fireplace. It is not the intent of this book to lay out exact plans for you to follow, for each fireplace is an individual thing that must be designed to fit the house. Rather, it is meant to suggest and instruct ... to provide you with the basic information that will help you decide which type of fireplace will best suit your purpose and taste.

2. Modern or Traditional - Since the mantel and facing of your fireplace is to be a dec­orative attraction, you can use imagination and ingenuity freely in styling it. The only limitation is that it retain eye-pleasing harmony with the architecture and furnishings of your home. You'll be happier with the results if it does, for a beautiful fireplace in one set­ting can be a monstrosity in another...

3. Design + Parts - Successful fireplaces must be planned right, with each element correctly proportioned in relation to the others. When you stick to proven structural principles, your fireplace will give more pleasure and more heat.

In the simplified drawing, you can see the different elements of a fireplace..

4. Fireplaces Q And A - 1. How high should a fireplace chimney be with respect to the height of the house, and what features of design affect its efficient operation0?

ANSWER: A chimney should extend at least three feet above flat roofs and at least two feet above the ridge of a peak or hip roof. Solid masonry is the most commonly used material Satisfactory performance of a chimney flue is deter­mined by its size, direction, shape, height, tightness and smoothness.

5. Fireplace Construction - Chimney height and flue area both have an effect on draft. Normally adequate flue area becomes inade­quate if the chimney is too low. The flue area should be equal to 10 percent or greater of the fire­place opening area. Increasing flue area or decreasing opening area both tend to overcome too-low-chimney complications.

6. Majestic Circulator - Many times, problems of construction can be completely avoided by the use of a factory-made metal fireplace, such as this Majestic Circulator, which incorporates properly engineered relation­ships of damper, smoke chamber, downdraft shelf. and firebox.

7. Chimney design - A chimney is a necessity with any fuel-burning equipment. It must be capable of producing and maintain­ing a draft to bring a supply of fresh air to the fire. Also, it mast carry away particles and harmful gases emitted from the burning fuel. The chimney, and the flue within the chimney through which these gases travel, must be carefully built to be free of fire hazards.

8. Fire Building - Most fireplace owners prefer to burn logs as fuel. The use of coal or char­coal requires the building of a wood fire to ignite it, so most of the points given here will be of value regardless of which fuel you prefer. Dry and seasoned hardwood makes the best fuel. Logs may be split or whole and should be from 16" to 22" in length. Soft woods burn away too quickly, and wet green wood will give a smoldering, unsat­isfactory fire

9. Circulator Helps - The Majestic Circulator comes to you in one unit, entirely assembled and ready to install. There's nothing to add; nothing to adjust. Built right into your room, it can be decorated with any type or style of mantel you desire. It's so designed that it cir­culates warm air to all parts of the room.

10. "Radiant Blades" - Although most of us enjoy the cheery crackle of a fire on the open hearth, few of us realize that about 90% of fireplace heat is lost up the flue, leaving only a slight 10% to seep into the room. This is true of ordinary fireplaces, but, in thousands of homes today, up-the-flue heat is being converted into usable smoke-free room heat by the use of Majestic Circulators with "Radiant Blades."

11. Circulator Installation - INNER   UNIT CIRCULATES FIREPLACE HEAT

12. More Circulators - Radiant heat from the fire and fire­box is the only source of warmth from an ordinary fireplace. Almost no heat is produced by air currents. Air passes through the fire and up the chimney, carrying the heat ab­sorbed from the fire with it. At the same time, outside air at a lower temperature is drawn into the room. This cold air is especially noticeable to anyone sitting away from the fire, because heat radiation, like light. travels in straight tines.

13. Majestic Thulman - Quiet-operating, long-life elec­tric fans that convert the Cir­culator from gravity to forced-air for greater efficiency. Two fans used, sized according to grille size. Operate on 110 volt A.C. Shipping wt. each, 6 lbs. THE MAJESTIC THULMAN Fireplace and Chimney is a factory-fabricated, fully assembled,  woodburning fireplace unit that comes furnished with its own complete chimney, including an  attractive metal simulated-brick chimney-top housing.

14. Modern Touch - In searching for more striking and individual types of fireplaces for the modern home, designers have reached back to the most primitive eras for new ideas. From the old fire pit dug in the middle of a native hut has come the modern room-center fireplace, a circular or rectangular hearth which is hooded over but open to view on all sides.

15. Smoke dome - Sturdy metal support posts should be used under any projecting and otherwise unsupported corner of a Majestic Smoke Dome. Ma¬jestic Support Posts are of steel, with cast-iron bearing plates top and bottom. Model SDR-30 is round, 23/8' in diameter. Model SDS-30 is 2' square.

16. Heights + Flue Sizes - For most fireplaces of this type, Majestic's cast or steel throat dampers will serve efficiently. However, in cases of unusually high or deep fireboxes, or to avoid slanting a flue, the Majestic Universal Smoke Dome Damper provides the best answer.

17. Conventional Fireplace - In building a successful fireplace, there are at least six things that must receive attention. They are the flue or chimney, smoke chamber, throat, firebox, hearth, and mantel. Of the six, the least important, from the standpoint of construction, are the outer hearth and mantel.

18. Barbecue Fireplaces - Your fireplace plans may include a barbecue grill so that you can en­joy those delicious charcoal-grilled meals in every season of the year, rather than just on "picnic" days in the summer. Perhaps you are just turning the idea over in your mind, or perhaps you are actively plan­ning an installation.

19. Char-Grill Accessories - Imperial Char-Grill: A new charcoal grill specially designed for kitchen counter-top installation in wood or metal cabinets, or with masonry surround. The simplicity of its straight-line construction makes it easy to install, and the black-and-gold front, with stainless steel top and sides, enhances the appearance of any decorative scheme.

20. Char-Grill Vent-Hoods - The Majestic Char-Grill vent-hood is made in the standard 36" width for easy installation with regulation kitchen cab­inets and other equipment. Soffits or cabinet fronts can be built around the top portion of the hood if desired. Using a charcoal grill indoors requires the installation of a spe­cially designed vent-hood.

21. Basic Principles - Until recent years, a major handicap in building an Outdoor Fireplace was the difficulty of locating essential metal parts, such as grilles, doors, grates, and the like. Now, metal fireplace units and a wide variety of parts are manufactured by The Majestic Company, Inc., of Huntington, Indiana.

22. Good Foundation - 1. THE HOLE. Get the foundation right and half your job is done. Mark off the desired area with stakes and string, allowing at least 1" extension beyond desired foundation size. Dig out this area to a depth of 10" to 12". 2. THE FORM. Build a form of l" x 6" or wider boards. Set it in the hole and nail to stakes at each corner.

23. Outdoor Fireplace - Make   your   Outdoor   Fireplace easier   and   more comfortable to use by building it high enough to afford  convenient working   level. The material you choose for building sets the style of your Outdoor Fireplace, whether dignified and formal or rustic and informal.

24. Fireplace Units - MODELS OF-38 and OF-48 These big fire­place units have the removable top grate in two all-bar sec­tions, in the tapered-and-notched design [hat lets more direct radiation reach the food Also available with half of the top solid cast iron with stove lid.

25. Building instructions - Here is a truly economical block fireplace for the "do-it-yourself fan one that you can put together in a few spare hours. Every­thing you need can be purchased easily, usually from one source such as a local building supply dealer. Some dealers even feature a "kit," in which all necessary materials, including the Majestic unit, are delivered to your yard at one low price. For details on the Model OF-48 unit, see page93. Caution: Block sizes vary in some localities be sure the blocks you get are the same as those listed here.

26. Dampers + Equipment - Designed to more than handle the fireplace needs, these Majestic Steel Dampers are en­gineered for utmost strength and durability, and at the same time provide exceptional features of construction and operation. The patented Majestic poker control will with­stand many years of heat and rust without ever becoming difficult to operate.

27. Home Conveniences - Majestic has been known for 50 years for quality heating equipment. The Majestic present day line of gas or oil fired winter air-conditioners is designed to allow virtually unlimited choice of placement and system arrangement for small or large homes There are models from Tfi.000 to 400.000 BTU out put   in   up. down or horizontal   flow design.


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