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Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Thinking of a good way to keep warm outside of your home during chilly weather? Why not install an outdoor fireplace? With a fireplace, you can build a fire and keep yourself and other family members warm and comfortable. And apart from the warmth you can enjoy, having this structure also makes bonding with just your family or with friends a worthwhile experience.

An outdoor fireplace can be built either in an open space in your terrace or garden patio. Depending on your personal preference, you can have it covered with a roof or expose it. For exposed structures, the most ideal materials to use are bricks, stones and concrete. With their hardness, these construction materials can withstand bad weather for a long time and they also require little maintenance moving forward.

In terms of outdoor fireplace designs, numerous ideas are available to homeowners. You donít have to limit yourself to home or garden improvement magazines because on the internet alone, there are already vast resources you can use. Itís fast and convenient to start your search online before consulting with a professional or visiting hardware and home improvement stores.

Keep in mind that the design of your outdoor fireplace should be in accordance to how youíre going to use it. Although you want to install it for aesthetic purposes, surely you would want to use the structure as well every now and then.

Most often, a fireplace located outside the home is built with a chimney and firebox. However, you have the option too to create an enclosed type or an open pit style. This can be positioned in an area away from the house or can be blended in a garden patio. You can even add a seating area on both sides of the structure to provide a place for relaxation while you and your family as well as other guests are there. If, for instance, you want to use the structure for cooking, an open fire pit will be most suitable. The fire pit type is easy and costs less to install but depending on the design you choose, it can still add value and beauty to your home.

On the other hand, if youíd like to put a fireplace on your terrace which you consider an extension of your interior space, you can choose the more modern and sleek designs that will match the overall theme of your abode. If the terrace is a covered area, you can choose to use wood, steel or a combination of wood and stone to create an attractive outdoor fireplace.

Size should be a major consideration so make sure that you determine first how much space you have available before starting on this project and selecting a great design. Also take into account the type of fuel you will use as wood is not recommended for every outdoor fireplace particularly if there are family members who suffer from allergies.

Having a fireplace outside the home can make your evenings relaxing and even romantic. With the sound of crackling flames and the warmth provided by the fire, you can make family bonding a nightly activity.

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