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Modern Fireplace Design

For a long time now, the fireplace has been a staple in most homes particularly those located colder regions. It isn’t surprising because this structure serves a very good purpose of providing warmth to families in addition to the heating system already in place in their homes.

Many homeowners today prefer the modern fireplace design. These are the people who want to veer away from the traditional type and would rather create a different ambience in their homes. By modern, it means reflecting the present time and not the past.

With fireplace, modern designs are countless these days. They’ve gone beyond the conventional square firebox with an exterior framework and mantel surrounding the box and now utilize new materials. They have been transformed into different shapes and sizes unimaginable in the past.

But what matters is you know what you want and you take into consideration several important factors such as your budget and the available space in your home. Assessing your needs is the first step towards achieving your goals.

Most of the modern fireplaces today are the freestanding types. This means they can be moved from one place to another which is ideal for people who often change the positions of their furniture at home. You’ll be amazed at the various stylish designs available nowadays with some in a spinning or rotating mode while there are others that are in the suitcase type you can just carry it to any room in the house or even outdoors where you want to stay warm. Other modern units are wall mounted and even come with a remote control for your utmost convenience or they’re built in within a center table.

Wooden logs are no longer the fuel used for these modern fireplace designs. Fuel gel, gas or electricity is what often provides the fire making them more environment and people friendly. This is because of the absence of smoke and ashes that can cause allergies to sensitive people. Thankfully, manufacturers have come up with unique and sleek designs that are more apt for homeowners with discerning preferences.

Materials for modern fireplaces are also no longer the traditional ones. Many are made from stainless steel, copper, aluminum and glass. While some have been created as mere open fire pits which you can just place on top of desks and center tables, there are some designs that even incorporate mirrors and bookcases to create a more profound effect. The latter types are more appropriate for spacious rooms while the open fire pit units are ideal for smaller rooms.

The trend today is towards multifunctional fireplaces. They’re not only there to provide fire and warmth to people but they add beauty to a room as well as serve other important purpose.

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