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To all who delight in the cozy cheer of an open hearth fire. The Majestic Com­pany sincerely dedicates this book.

Like an old family friend, the fire­place is always good company and shares many of life's most treasured memories. Alive with merrily crackling logs, brightly blazing coals, or softly simmering embers, it can match any human mood

An open fire kindles and sustains an air of sparkling gaiety or of calm seren­ity, with equal ease. It can be the leav­ening for laughter and conversation in social gatherings. It also can be the touchstone for quiet reminiscence in relaxing solitude. Because of these sub­tle, satisfying influences, the fireplace continues to hold and expand its cen­turies-old popularity as the heart of the home.

Although we cling to the fireplace as a symbol of homey, old-fashioned hos­pitality, it no longer need be old-fashioned in its heating ability. Until recent years, fireplaces had to depend on radiation alone to produce heat. The results were meager, since rm»st of the heat escaped up the chimney. Introduc­tion of the prebuilt. all-metal fireplace unit brought about major development-; in construction for more efficient heat output. Instead of wasting valuable heat up the flue as conventional fire­places do. these modern, advanced types of fireplaces circulate most of this heat into the home.

This is the function of the Majestic Circulator Fireplace Unit, a metal heating chamber ready to be enclosed in the masonry. Its operation is very similar to a gravity furnace. It circu­lates heat by means of cool-air intakes and warm-air outlets. The unit is bas­ically simple in design, yet includes all essential operating elements. Scientif­ically proportioned, it serves as an exact form for the fireplace interior masonry. Any type of mantel exterior can be used with the Circulator. While providing the extra dividend of more. usable, smokefree heat, it retains the charm and attraction of an open fire.

As a highly desirable home feature for family enjoyment, your fireplace deserves special care in planning and construction This book has been pre­pared with the earnest desire to be helpful to all who select, supervise, and build fireplaces. It is YOUR FIREPLACE Manual a practical guide to indoor fireplaces that look attractive, work properly, and heat homes with outstanding efficiency.


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