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Other Majestic Products

Forced Air Heating Equipment

Majestic has been known for 50 years for quality heating equipment. The Majestic present day line of gas or oil fired winter air-conditioners is designed to allow virtually unlimited choice of placement and system arrangement for small or large homes There are models from Tfi.000 to 400.000 BTU out put   in   up. down or horizontal   flow design.

Summer Air Conditioning

In summer air conditioning. Majestic has the ideal, economical answer for every home need — 2. 3 or 5 ton self-contained water cooled units or remote air-cooled models, in matching twin units or for add-on installa­tions. These units are built to Majestic high quality, designed for simplified installation and dependable operation. Through constant research the Majestic line is always to the "last-word" in engineering design


Majestic THULMAN Chimney


Majestic also manufactures the Thulman Chimney. which is built on the same Thermo-Siphon principle of design as the Thulman Fireplace described on pages 47 to 57. It is an all-metal factory-fabricated chimney complete with simulated brick chimney top in various sizes Approved by underwriters' laboratories. Inc. for zero clearance installations for using all fuels.


NOTE: Place all orders for Majestic Prod­ucts through your nearest Majestic dealer. If you do not know his name, write The Majestic Co., Inc., Huntington, Indiana.

Since  1907 - Majestic Quality Products have been made in Huntineton. Indiana. where these two plants are located. fireplacedesign

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Download Your Copy of "How to Build a Better Fireplace"

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