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Majestic Fireplace Parts


The first o these Majestic fireplace parts are designed to more than handle the fireplace needs, these Majestic Steel Dampers are en­gineered for utmost strength and durability, and at the same time provide exceptional features of construction and operation. The patented Majestic poker control will with­stand many years of heat and rust without ever becoming difficult to operate. The un­breakable steel valve plate fits snugly to the damper opening, closing the throat tightly when the fireplace is not in use.



fireplacedesignThe next of these Majestic fireplace parts, Majestic Cast Dampers, offer all the out­standing features found in the steel damper, and are recommended where exceptional durability rather than cost is the major fac­tor. The valve on this damper is made of unbreakable steel, carefully fitted to the cast body for tight closure. Majestic's easy-operating poker control is standard equip­ment on these dampers, but a rotary face control, not available on the steel damper, can also be provided.


...and Fireplace Equipment


fireplacedesignfireplacedesignFormed Steel - Nos 80 R and 128 have tight fitting doors strengthened by formed shape. Mortar locks for anchorage Green enamel finish

Cast Iron - Nos. 88 and 812 are cast with an at­tractive wrinkle pattern Furnished with anchor arms. Finished with as phaltum paint



Majesties Basket Grates are majestic fireplace parts designed especially for the Circulator Fireplace, but can he used with good results in any fireplace. The sturdy Cast-iron Grate has end sections securely held in slots for coal or easily removed for wood burning The attractive Steel (irate is for wood only, and is made of curved, ⅝ " square steel bars, solidly welded into a single, strong unit and finished in velvet black. Hither grate will give years of service.


fireplacedesign "Supreme" Series Incinerators
Gets rid of burnable trash and garbage right in the home, in utility room, basement, kitchen or garage. The Majestic Supreme smokeless, odorless gas incinerator complies with codes of the various localities. Automatic controls and toe-tip lid lifter. Beautifully styled with white baked enamel finish, genuine porcelain enamel top. chrome trim and back panel Thoroughly safety-tested and approved for home use by the American Gas Associa­tion and the Underwriters Laboratories.

"Imperial" Series Incinerators

Gas, electric and fuelless models, beautifully designed and scientifically engineered for complete disposal of home refuse. Though less expensive and of simpler design than the Supreme, the highly efficient Imperial has the same convenience features. Distinctive styling, gleaming white enamel finish with gold and chrome trim.

Majestic "Custom" Series Incinerators

Gas, electric and fuelless models with the same modern features as the Imperial series. Citron yellow enamel finish with ice blue and chrome trim. Manually operated loading door and controls.

Majestic "Deluxe" Series Incinerators

Three economy models—gas, electric and fuelless. Smart, smoke-grey enamel finish with chrome trim. Employs Majestic's exclusive principles of stepped-up combustion. Loading door and controls are manually operated.

Majestic Refuse Burners

Two units — the two-bushel Model 2 and the three-bushel Model 30 — that utilize the waste itself as fuel! Designed primarily for basement installation, where local codes permit fuelless units, these big capacity units are the perfect answer to the trash and garbage disposal problem. Also Model 2000, an outdoor trash burner of aluminized steel with cast iron top. that burns all yard and household trash easily and completely.

Majestic Underground Receiver

The hidden container that does away with garbage can or trash pile clutter and mess. Only the neat lid shows above ground. Big inner receiver holds rubbish safety from marauding animals and insects; keeps your yard neat and sanitary. Can he installed right by the kitchen door, saving steps and backyard trips.

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