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Equipment Fireplace: Majestic All-Metal Outdoor Fireplace Units

Equipment fireplace are the following:

fireplacedesignMODELS OF-38 and OF-48 These big fire­place units have the removable top grate in two all-bar sec­tions, in the tapered-and-notched design [hat lets more direct radiation reach the food Also available with half of the top solid cast iron with stove lid. OK-38 is 21⅛” high, 26" long. 15⅛” wide OF-48 is 24⅝" high. 29" long. 18⅝” wide Either charcoal or wood fuel can be used Doors. door frames, and grates are all cast iron, with heavy steel angle frames

fireplacedesign MODEL OF-28Unit Choose any type of ex­terior design and mate­rial you want to build your fireplace around this popularly priced and sized unit. OF-28 overall size U 21⅛" high, 26" long. I3⅛" wide. Doors, door frames and grates are cast iron, frame is heavy steel angles Half of cast iron top is solid, half is made of grill bars. Either charcoal or wood fuel can be used.

fireplacedesignMODELS OF-3S-Sand OF-48-5 Here are the ideal units for patio or ranch-type kitchen—inside or out side barbecuing Suited to any preference of design OF-38-S overall size is 21⅛high. 26¼" wide. 16" deep. OF-48-S is 24¾" high. 29" wide, and 19" deep. Doors and door frames are cast iron, with heavy steel angle frames. Crates are cast iron, with the top grate in two sections, all bar. in Majestic's famous tapered-and-notched design. For either charcoal or wood fuel.

fireplacedesignMODEL HD-6 Unit

Ideal for public parks or any site where the fireplace is in steady use. Built to provide lasting service, the unit is 27⅞" high, 29" long, and 22¼," wide. Solid and grill cast iron grates and heavy-duty doors are perma­nently secured to guard against theft.

fireplacedesignFIREPLACE SPIT and SMOKE HOOD

Handy accessories which go together, or can be used separately. The Spit. Model OF-234. fits Units OF-28, -W. 38-8. 48. and 48 S The Smoke Hood. Model OF-49. is used on Units OF-48. 48-S only It keeps smoke hug­ging food closely for distinctive southern barbecuing


Model 100. clamps to grill bars of Models OF-38, 38-S. 48. and 48-S See page 76 (char Grill accessories) for more details.

. .and a wide selection of parts


There are many ways you can vary the equipment fireplace of your Outdoor Cook-Nook by using standard metal parts Size and complexity of the fireplace you plan will determine the kind of top, door, grate, etc. you need to build it. All of these parts may be bought separately. They may be used along with the ready made units when an extra utility feature, such as an oven or incinerator, is desired


MODEL OF-1006-The Char-B-Q

fireplacedesignOn the Char-B-Q Girate, intense infra red rays penetrate the meats held vertically in wire grilles beside the burning charcoal. Gases and fumes from the fuel escape upward and cannot impair the taste. Melting fat drips down and seals in the naturally flavorful juices. No grease drops in the fire to cause flames and smoke The top area can be used in brewing coffee and in ordinary cooking and frying. It holds about 2½ pounds of commercial charcoal or briquette - enough fuel to cook for 10 or 12 people. Wire grilles provided are 10½" long and 8¾ wide. The Char BQ Grate is approximately 13" high. 11" long. 6¼ wide

Completely portable, the Char B-Q has convenient, detachable carrying handles. Also the hand-grips on the cooking grilles retract so that the entire unit can be stored in a minimum of space.

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