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Building An Outdoor Fireplace

fireplacedesignMake   your   Outdoor Fireplace easier   and   more comfortable to use by building it high enough to afford  convenient  working   level.

The material you choose for building sets the style of your Outdoor Fireplace, whether dignified and formal or rustic and informal.

Areas in contact with heat and flames should be of fire resistant block or firebrick to avoid dam­age from sudden temperature changes.

Cop the tops of fireplace walls to provide working surface and to prevent water from seeping down through the masonry.

Pave the ground area around your outdoor fireplace with a durable material that will withstand weather and foot traffic.

Allow for expansion and contractionof metal parts under the effects of heat to avoid cracking or distorting  the  masonry  walls.

A spark arrester should be placed on the chim­ney a wire screen will do and a cap to keep water out of the flue.

Waterproof the entire exterior masonry of your outdoor fireplace, to improve its appearance and protect it from damaging dampness. See that ash pit area and entire slab has slight slope to front for drainage of moisture, or back with back drain in ashpit area.

When winter comes, warm the metal grill with a small fire, then rub with suet for a protective coat­ing of grease. Clean the ashpit thoroughly, and cover the chimney and cooking area to keep out snow and dirt.

Keep "pointing up"breaks in mortar joints to keep out moisture for longer life of unit.

Expansion space gap (opening between metal unit and masonry) can be closed for neater ap­pearance by angle irons, cut to fit by your dealer. This covers the gap but still allows space for ex­pansion  and  contraction.

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