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Char-Grill Ventilation Hoods Are For Fast Effective Kitchen Ventilation

fireplacedesignSTANDARD SIZE:

Majestic Char-Grill ventilation hoods are made in the standard 36" width for easy installation with regulation kitchen cab­inets and other equipment. Soffits or cabinet fronts can be built around the top portion of the hood if desired.


Using charcoal grills indoors requires the installation of a spe­cially designed ventilation hoods. The Majestic Char-Grill vent-hood is ideal for venting a charcoal fire as well as for other types of kitchen ventilation. This highly efficient vent-hood removes excess fumes and heat from cooking and adds much to the pleasure of an indoor barbecue.


The hood is 32" high, 36" wide and 24" deep and is equipped with a powerful 400 CFM (cu. ft. per min.) centrifugal twin blower, two incandescent light sockets and separate electric switches. A featured convenience is a 14"x21" removable, wash­able, aluminum filter. Three vent-hood finishes are available: stainless steel—Black Wrinkle enamel and Antique Copper enamel. All are of heavy gauge steel, complete with flutter valve to prevent back draft and de­signed to take a standard 4x 12 to 8" round transition.


Although the Majestic Char-Grill ventilation hood is designed pri­marily to be used with Majestic Char-Grill barbecue units, its size and capacity make it suit­able for installation and use with other cooking equipment.

SPECIFICATIONS - Char-Grill Vent-Hoods:



1 - 400 CFM Centrifugal twin blower, 115V, AC.
2 - incandescent light sockets.
Separate switches for blower and lights.
1 - 14"x21" size aluminum filter.
(All electric components are UL-listed.)

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