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The Majestic Charcoal Grill - The Best Grill For Indoor Installation

Imperial Char-Grill: A new charcoal grill specially designed for kitchen counter-top installation in wood or metal cabinets, or with masonry surround. The simplicity of its straight-line construction makes it easy to install, and the black-and-gold front, with stainless steel top and sides, enhances the appearance of any decorative scheme. The drawings on this page show only a few of the innumerable possibilities for installation.

Special low-priced model (CHAR-GRIU "MCG"), of simplified construction, is avail­able for permanent masonry installation. Has the same conven­ience and performance features as the Imperial and Deluxe models.


Majestic’s Char-Grill is an extremely sturdy and attractive charcoal grill unit, expressly designed for "built-in" use in a kitchen, enclosed patio, or rec­reation  room.

In us*', the heavy-gauge steel fire pan can be moved up or down with ease by means of a crank on the front of the unit.

The stainless steel top. with chrome rod grill surface, is designed to project  ⅜" above the level and over the surround material.

Interior asbestos millboard insula­tion, coated with reflective alumi­num, does away with the need for special firebrick in masonry appli­cations. A special "Wood Installa­tion Kit" (see below) for additional insulation is used when the unit is installed in wood cabinets


Deluxe Model

fireplacedesignThe Deluxe Char grill has all the features of the Imperial unit except that the steel sides and back are fin­ished in a velvet-black enamel. As with the Imperial, ample grilling surface is afforded by the 25" x 16" two-piece chromed steel grill. The heavy-gauge steel fire pan can easily be slipped out for cleaning through the big front access door . . . charcoal can be lighted outdoors. if desired, then carried in and set under the grill when it is time to barbecue

Portable, Too!

fireplacedesignModel CGHL: Steel-and-wood carrying handles, in attractive design, are avail­able for either the Deluxe or Imperial Char grill. Easy to attach, using the four bolts provided, the handles add to its attractive appearance and facilitate its use as a portable unit. Attached with the handles are the four short (2") legs , as shown in the illustration. They are especially convenient when the Char-Grill is used on a patio or pic­nic table top. Shipping weight is 5 lbs

Motorized  Spit

fireplacedesignModel 100: Converts your Char drill into an automatic rotisserie! Spit-cooks roasts, fowl, and other foods, up to 20 pounds in weight. Three - position brackets clamp with wing nuts to ends of charcoal grill rack . . . electric motor and spit slip easily into place. Also fits Majestic outdoor grills!  Shipping weight 4 lbs

Wood  Installation  Kit

fireplacedesignModel CGIK: Insulation and air space are provided for wood or other com-bustible cabinet installations by this handy kit. Stainless steel top and front surrounds set off the unit's beauty, while the steel shell, with foil-faced glass fiber insulation, provides safety and durability. Kit fits a 36" wide cabinet unit and weighs about 20 lbs

When CHAR-GRILL is to be used in a permanent masonry installation, specify Model MCG.




Installation details for a typical cabinet installation are given here, since it would be impossible to give instructions covering all possible variations. The simplicity of the Charcoal Grill Unit installation is such that, with a minimum of study and planning, the details given on these pages can easily be mod­ified to fit any individual problems or variations.

Majestic Char-Grills are interiorly insulated on all sides with heavy density asbestos millboard, with a reflective aluminum coating. However, for utmost safety, a wood cabinet installation kit should be used when the unit is installed in wood or composition cabinets.

The unit should not hang from the counter-top surface by means of the pro­jecting stainless steel lips, but should rest on the insulating shim which can be adjusted in depth so that the top fits snugly to the surrounding surface. It should not be fastened in place, since it has sufficient weight to maintain position, and is designed for easy removal for cleaning.

CAUTION: A properly filtered hood to vent smoke and fumes must be pro­vided for indoor installations. The unit should never be operated in a tightly closed room, since burning charcoal rapidly uses up available oxygen. If the room is to be closed off from the rest of the house, an exterior window or door should be opened to provide ventilation.

Easy to install in masonry, if desired

Should kitchen plans or your preference call for a masonry surround, the Char-Grill furnishes the perfect answer. No firebrick or fireclay liner is needed, since the unit is interiorly insulated on all sides with heavy density asbestos millboard, with a reflective aluminum coating. The projecting stainless steel top neatly covers the joint between masonry and unit. Any type of masonry, from common brick to the fanciest stone, may be used.


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