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Tables Of Opening Heights And Flue Sizes

Type l-Open One Side

For most fireplaces of this type, Majestic's cast or steel throat dampers will serve efficiently. However, in cases of unusually high or deep fireboxes, or to avoid slanting a flue, the Majestic Universal Smoke Dome Damper provides the best answer. The tables on these pages are based on a chimney height of 20', measured from hearth to top of flue. Reduce opening heights 1" for each 2' drop in chimney height.


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Type 2-0pen One Side And One End

By far the most common and most popular of the modern, special­ized fireplaces, the corner fireplace is one for which the Majestic Smoke Dome Damper is ideally suited. Requires one post support on the projecting corner.

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Type 3-Open 2 Sides-Ends Closed

Often used to provide a living room fireplace and a kitchen barbe­cue grille in combination, this type of fireplace is rapidly increasing in popularity in the modern, ranch-style homes.

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Type 4-0pen One Side And Both Ends

Generally constructed centered on one wall or diagonally across a corner, the opening height or the frontal width for this type of fire­place may be increased by recessing the sides into the wall.

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Type 5-Open Both Sides And One End

This type of fireplace is often used as a divider between two rooms, such as a living room and dining area. As in Type 4, a proportion ­ate increase in the opening height may be made by extending one or both side walls, giving the effect of recessing the fireplace.

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Type 6-0pen Both Sides And Both Ends

Although the most primitive type of fireplace, this is also the most "modem" and striking in appearance, and is now easy to construct using the Majestic Universal Smoke Dome Damper. Models D-26-S and D-33-S afford two sizes for round or square hearths, and there are five additional sizes for rectangular hearths.

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