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Modern Fireplace Ideas

In searching for more striking and individual designs of modern fireplace, designers have reached back to the most primitive eras for new ideas. From the old fire pit dug in the middle of a native hut has come the modern fireplace in the room's center, a circular or rectangular hearth which is hooded over but open to view on all sides. Other old European peoples, such as the Scandinavian, have contributed to the new designs in many different forms. Instead of having one open face, in what we might call the familiar, conventional fireplace, these modern fireplace units now have two, three, or four sides open in an amazing number of variations.

But with these new designs have come new problems in construction. The fact that two or more sides are open allows cross drafts to pass through the fireplace, a problem which can only be overcome by creating a stronger draft up the flue. Also, the increased area of the multi-open-ings requires an increase in the size of the throat and in the flue area.

To answer these and other problems of construction. Majestic has developed the universal Smoke Dome a combination building form, throat, and damper that assures construction free from operating com­plications. Where narrow or double dampers have proved unsatisfactory, these wide and deep units provide the proper throat area and a smooth, unobstructed dome that funnels the smoke to the flue under most adverse conditions.


The high sides of the dome, sloped to exactly engineered proportions, allow rapid laying of masonry in this important area and save hours of the mason's time. The pivoted damper valve, operated by pull chains with "O" and "C" pendants, gives ample opening for full draft, holds at any degree of opening by means of a foolproof tension bar. and closes tightly against the flanged top when your new modern fireplace is not in use.

In using a Majestic Smoke Dome, flue liner tiles are never placed directly above the damper opening but are offset in any of eight posi­tions, as described in the installation instructions. This provides for a smoke shelf of masonry that stops chimney downdrafts and shunts them into the updraft area.

Some attractive examples of the modern fireplace trend..


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