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Boost Your Radiant Heat With


Although most of us enjoy the cheery crackle of a fire on the open hearth, few of us realize that about 90% of fireplace heat is lost up the flue, leaving only a slight 10% to seep into the room. This is true of ordinary fireplaces, but, in thousands of homes today, up-the-flue heat is being converted into usable smoke-free room heat by the use of Majestic Circulators with "Radiant Blades." These boost your radiant heat by sending super-heated air in different directions from the fireplace,

Majestic — a leader in the field of home heating systems for half a century has put all its "know-how" into the design and construction of this Circulator Fireplace unit with "Radiant Blades." These blades are metal fins welded to the back and sides of the Circulator's firebox. Their primary function is to provide greater heating or radiating surface — more area of metal thus increasing the volume of radiant heat discharged. In addition, the blades act as ducts or flues, directing the cool air over the back of the firebox — the hottest part of the unit. They also stiffen and strengthen the metal walls.

By actual measurement, a Circulator with Radiant Blades makes available far more usable heat. No adjustments are ever required, because the firebox and blades are an integral part of the completely welded unit. There is nothing to become loose; nothing to impair the efficiency of the unit.


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