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The Majestic Circulator: A Fireplace Idea

The Majestic Circulator comes to you in one unit, entirely assembled and ready to install. There's nothing to add; nothing to adjust, which is what makes it a great fireplace idea. Built right into your room, it can be decorated with any type or style of mantel you desire. It's so designed that it cir­culates warm air to all parts of the room. Cold air is drawn in at the bottom of the fireplace and the warm air comes out through grilles at the top of the mantel.

There's always the chance of faulty proportioning in building a fireplace. But with a Majestic Cir­culator forming the core of your fireplace, guesswork is eliminated in the proportioning of the various fire­place parts. Savings in time and ma­terials quite often pay for the cost of the Circulator itself. Except for the hearth, no firebrick is needed. This alone results in a savings of both materials and labor.


This all-metal unit sends smoke-free heat into one or more rooms

The Majestic Circulator Fireplace is an all-steel prefabricated unit, built to correct proportions, and em­bodying a damper and other fea­tures necessary for perfect fireplace operation. With simple duct work tapped to it, the Majestic Circula­tor can perform "double-duty" serv­ice by supplying heat to adjoining.


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