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A Factory-built Majestic Fireplace Assures Correct Proportions

fireplacedesignMajestic CIRCULATOR FIREPLACE

Many times, problems of construction can be completely avoided by the use of a factory-made metal fireplace, such as this Majestic Circulator, which incorporates properly engineered relation­ships of damper, smoke chamber, downdraft shelf. and firebox. In addition, you gain the benefits of its greater heating ability Two grille openings at floor level draw in the room air which is heated as it circulates inside the unit, then expelled through grilles conveniently located according to required designs. In developing the Circulator. Majestic has produced the finest majestic fireplace for the home owner who wants the very latest on the market.



Virtually a necessity in the building of modern multi-opening fireplaces, this Majestic Smoke Dome affords both a building form for the critical throat area and an adjustable built-in damper. Its high sloping sides and all-around lintel simplify the erection of masonry and reduce the cost of construction. The smooth steel sides and large throat area help to produce the strong draft neces­sary to avoid smoking in fireplaces with more than one opening.

Ralf Sklarek, Architect

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