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Tips On Fireplace Construction

Provide adequate draft

Chimney height and flue area both have an effect on draft. Normally adequate flue area becomes inade­quate if the chimney is too low. The flue area should be equal to 10 percent or greater of the fire­place opening area. Increasing flue area or decreasing opening area both tend to overcome too-low-chimney complications, and you should keep it in during the fireplace construction.

Using a scientific ready-built inner unit

In addition to heating, the out­standing advantages of the Ma­jestic Circulator are that it pro­vides a masonry form for low-cost construction as well as a fireplace whose interior parts are correctly proportioned by fireplace construction experts. Yet, even the best fireplace will not work correctly if the chimney is not properly constructed.

Relationship of parts

The size of each of the essential parts of the ordinary fireplace de­pends upon the size of another component in other words, each fireplace is an individual problem in dimensions, and should be de­signed by an expert. In the case of Majestic Circulators, these dimen­sional problems are all solved for you in advance.


The fireplace flue should extend at least three feet above a flat roof or two feet above the ridge of a hip roof. Where two flues are built in the same chimney, the tile of one should extend 6" or 8" above the other. A chimney cap should be used where heavy snows or rains are normal.

Flue precautions

The flue lining must withstand rapid changes in temperature. It should resist the acid action of flue deposits and moisture. Flue liners of vitrified fire clay, not less than ⅝" thick, in either round or rec­tangular shape, afford the best fireplace construction answer.


It is advisable to project the flue lining about four inches above the cap on the top course of brick, then surround it with at least two inches of cement mortar, finished with a straight or concave slope. This drains water from the top of the chimney, and directs air cur­rents upward.

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