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Fireplace Design Ideas

There’s no doubt about it that the fireplace remains to be an important part a home up until today. Whether one is buying a new home or renovating his or her existing abode, this appliance is one of the most sought after.

Homeowners have a wide range of choices these days when it comes to fireplace design. This is regardless of the size of the house they have. From the traditional to the modern to even the environment friendly ones, there are just so many styles and fireplace design ideas available. But whatever it is you pick, the most important thing to remember is to make the fireplace the focal point in any room where you want to install it. Size does not even matter as long as the structure blends well with the overall design theme of the room.

For spacious interior spaces, homeowners have much freedom in terms of the location of the fireplace and its height. Depending on the overall theme they have, they can choose to put up one that only shows the box with the opening or they can add a mantel for a more attractive fireplace. Those with high ceilings can even extend their fireplace wall upwards if they wish.

Smaller homes require a smaller fireplace as well. This should not be a problem as standalone furnaces are readily available on the market nowadays. There are the open fire pits or the firebox units that you can use. They’re light weight and easy to install in your home. By using this standalone type, you can easily move it to a suitable area in your room or to another room every now and then depending on your mood.

A stone fireplace is the most durable type you can have. As stones are hard and fire resistant, you can be sure to maintain a safe home for your family. Even if installed outdoors, this can withstand bad weather moving forward and with less maintenance required. If you prefer this type of material, your choices include using marble, the pure stone, limestone or the stone veneer.

A fireplace made from wood evokes a warm and comfortable ambience to any interior space. Being a classic material, wood can be used alone or mixed with another material such as stone, iron and steel. Also, you have several choices when it comes to using wood because you can use it plainly and just varnish it to promote a natural look or you can paint it with your preferred colors for a unique effect.

But apart from the materials to use, homeowners should seriously consider as well the type of fuel for their fireplace. If there are family members allergic to smoke, using wooden logs should be avoided. Other options are gas, electric and the gel fuel. These forms of fireplace fuel are easy to use and do not emit smoke making them environment and people friendly.

So keep in mind that careful planning is necessary before you proceed with your fireplace home project. Invest time in researching about the type you want and the materials to use in accordance with your budget.

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