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A simple wooden fireplace mantel can be yours in about a day, adding to the charm and warmth to your home. All thatís needed are the materials, tools, instructions and a little bit of know how and youíre on your way.

Simply attaching wood to the sides and top of your fireplace, then adding top molding can create a wooden fireplace mantel that will instantly transform a fireplace into a home decorative item. Adding another, thicker and wider board to the top, can create a usable wooden fireplace mantel for displaying pictures, art work or other memorabilia.

For a person with tools and expertise a more elaborate wooden fireplace mantel can be constructed incorporating bookshelves or smaller shelves to hold small items. Which ever you decide upon, however should allow space, which will be subjected to heat and will hold only non-flammable materials.

Many Mantels Available At Stores

Several home improvement stores offer wooden fireplace mantels for sale, either in kit form or already assembled. Their design centers are also available to help design a custom fit wooden fireplace mantel for an exclusive look in your room. There are those that are flush to the wall and others, considered a storage wooden fireplace mantel, which may be half-round, have a bay affect or octagonal in design.

Visiting can give you ideas, and inspiration, for your wooden fireplace mantel and how it will fit in your room. There are also computer software programs on which you can design your wooden fireplace mantel and see how it will look in the room, and then make changes to get a perfect accessory.

The style, size and design of your wooden fireplace mantel is limited only by the size of the room, your imagination and your budget. You can one yourself for less than a couple hundred dollars or buy a custom made unit for up to several thousand dollars. The type of materials is also important.

Poplar is a common choice for the do-it-yourself crowd as it is easy to work with and is readily available. While not as cheap as pine or even plywood, it offers a better finished product and durability you will want in, basically what is, a piece of furniture. Oak, cherry and mahogany are some other popular woods from which a wooden fireplace mantel can be made, but they will cost more.

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