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Fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes. One of the most traditional looks is the stone fireplace. A stone fireplace can look massive with large stones extending up the chimney to the room’s ceiling or it can look delicate with a white, carved stone fireplace surround. The stone fireplace can fit into any style of decorating and bring a natural color and texture into your room.

The Style

If you are deciding whether to face your fireplace with stone, make your decision based on the architecture of your room. You don’t want a rustic style of stone in a delicate English drawing room or a pink flower-carved limestone fireplace in the basement playroom. You can choose a stone fireplace that extends to cover the chimney or that extends only to a low mantle. A solid one-piece stone fireplace surround is an elegant addition to an elegant room. Make sure that the floor can support the weight, though.

For the variegated look of many stones, you can choose a veneer to use on the surface of the fireplace and chimney. Today’s stone veneer comes in many choices and is fairly simple to apply without adding the weight of real stone.

The Care

A fireplace tends to be the center of family activity. A fire on a warm night can be fed for hours while its owners play games or talk. It is not unknown for popcorn to be popped. This may be the best way to enjoy a stone fireplace, but remember that stone is porous. A visit to the local home improvement center can provide you with a protective coating for the stone.

This will save hours of work cleaning soot and grease absorbed by the stones on the front of the fireplace. Make sure that you find the appropriate kind of coating and apply it correctly. The area that is most likely to be exposed to soot is the area most likely to become very warm. Once the stone fireplace is protected, be sure to give a wipe after extended use.

A stone fireplace brings the look of nature into your home. It can be enhanced with other natural looks like flowers or a water feature or it can serve as the only bit of nature in the room. However it fits into your décor, a stone fireplace will become the center of the room - no matter where it is.

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