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Enjoying your outdoor living space, whether a ground level patio or a raised deck, usually ends when the weather turns cold. You can extend its seasonal use with a patio fireplace.

Many styles and sizes are available from numerous sources, but in choosing a patio fireplace, safety should be the main concern. Many of the patio fireplaces offer the option of burning wood and have a steel mesh spark arrester and lid to contain sparks inside the fireplace. This may not be a concern on a concrete patio, but on wood it could be disastrous.

Some patio fireplaces even offer the option of a cooking grid to enable you to use it to cook over an open fire. For those with an unlimited supply of burnable wood, it can be a great alternative to a grill. An patio fireplace without a cooking grid, can still be used to roast hot dogs, marshmallow and in which to use fire irons for sandwiches and pies.

Donít Confuse Fireplaces With Heaters

In addition to the patio fireplace, there are also patio heaters; most of which are operated by propane and used to supply heat to a small area. While a patio fireplace can simulate being around an open fire, a heater usually can not.

One such heater stands about six feet tall, with a propane tank in the bottom. The heat from the exchanger rises through a galvanized chimney, than is spread out by the use of a cone-shaped top. They are safer than those that burn wood, but the chimney will be hot to the touch.

It is never recommended to use a patio fireplace in an enclosed patio as the carbon dioxide produced by burning wood or other flammable materials can be deadly. The live-fire type patio fireplaces should only be used outdoors.

Another advantage to some of the wood-burning patio fireplaces is that they can be used even without a patio. A flat spot in the yard is just as good, and ringing the patio fireplace with lawn chairs and be enjoyable in a mild night with the mess and potential fire hazards associated with open burning.

A fireplace should not, however, be used as a trash burning receptacle. Rather, their intended use as a wood-burning fireplace for outdoor use will keep them in prime condition for many years. Occasional cleaning and general maintenance will ensure the spark screens are in good condition as well, to minimize the threat of an unintended fire.

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