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Fireplaces are one of the most attractive add-ons in any type of interior. More and more houses include a fire place in their drawing room, though not everyone maintains it with live fire. The majority use the marble fireplace as a substitute to wood. While wood is exceptional in looks, most live fireplaces would be better off with something that does not burn easily.

Take The Necessary Precautions

When you decide to have a live fireplace, you will need to install all the fire-safety precautions as per the National safety guidelines. This will include that you will have a fire-extinguisher close by, smoke alarms and all other things that would make the home fire-fit.

The marble fireplace is extremely appealing to the eye, and light on the pocket. Compared to wood, the marble fireplace will be almost one third of the cost. The beauty of the marble fireplace is, of course, arresting just as wood. If anyone asks you to choose between these two materials based on their beauty alone, it will be difficult to make a choice.  Both are extremely attractive and both add esthetic value to the interior decoration of the house.

The marble fireplace is also a much safer choice if you like a live-fireplace. Marble is highly compatible to high heat, and actually can contain the “danger”, if any, within the fireplace. However, a lot of care will be needed to have it cleaned at periodic intervals since sooth and other fire by-products tend to stain the marble and rob it of its beauty. Needless to say that for such stoves, a good chimney is a must.  The chimney, too, has to be cleaned periodically to prevent choking and asphyxiation accidents. 

Today, you will find all types of marble fireplaces priced such that it can suit any budget. Marble is such a material that can blend with any type of interior, and enhance the beauty. Whether it is bought to make a live fireplace or just a decorative piece, it will definitely bring an exquisite touch to the interior décor of any home.

People today prefer to have the marble fireplace as a decorative piece while using the modern type heating systems. In this case, for those who still would love to have the fire-crackling-in-the-night feeling, there are devices which imitate both the lighting of a dancing fire and its soft crackling noise. For a small fee, you can have your marble fireplace installed with it, and at night when you put it on, you can still enjoy the charm of a live fireplace, without any of the danger that it is associated with.

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