Gas Fireplace Insert Adds Warmth Without Mess

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Those desiring the beauty and warmth, without the mess associated with wood-burning fireplaces, are turning to a gas fireplace insert to help warm their room and add the rustic charm of a fireplace.

Other may have found their chimney requires extensive repairs and donít want the expense involved, but desire the feeling of an indoor fireplace. For them, a gas fireplace insert may help save money while still being functional. While a chimney for proper ventilation is still required, inserting a galvanized still pipe through the existing chimney will still be cheaper than removing the old one and having it rebuilt.

A natural gas fireplace insert is available as well as those using liquid propane. So even if your neighborhood doesnít have the availability of natural gas you can still take advantage of a gas fireplace insert.

Stand-Alone Units Also Available

While the first thought that enters peopleís minds when they think about gas fireplace inserts are those that actually fit inside an existing fireplace, there are some stand-alone units that sit in front of one. Easier hook ups of gas an electric lines are a couple of advantages, but the feeling of having an old style burner adds to the vintage look.

Be careful about choosing a vent-less gas fireplace insert as although literature promotes them as have an air quality acceptable for indoor use. These units heat the air in the room and then recirculate it to warm the room. Other debate this method isnít healthy as fresh air needs to be replenished into the room from which the air is drawn for heating.

Adding to the† easiness of installing a gas fireplace insert are direct vent units. These do not require access to the chimney, rather a small vent is installed in the wall and a vent pipe runs from the unit to the vent. This has boosted the use of gas fireplace inserts immensely.

Many units offer the ease and convenience of automatic controls and electric starters. Some even come with a remote control for adjusting the height of the flame. Instant on is another feature of many gas fireplace inserts to start a fire burning with the flip of a switch or a button on the remote.

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