Fireplace: A Multi-purpose Tool

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The household fireplace has evolved from its humble beginnings as a prehistoric cave warmer, to todayís classier, easier model. The uses and varieties of fireplaces are many, but the love of fire is still the same.

Would You Like A Little Fire With Your Snuggling?

As hinted at by the subtitle, fireplaces can be the perfect romantic setting for a night of snuggling- and more.† Although a bear skin rug is a little clichťd, the idea behind the ursa blanket is ancient. Thousands of years ago, people slept beside the fire on the skins of the animals they slaughtered for food and clothing. Sounds comfy donít it?† Modern day conveniences allow the average person to just go out and buy a soft blanket, without having to de-claw it first.

The fire of a fireplace adds a soft, warm glow to any room. The embers of the fire burning brightly at first, and slowly dying away to add a whole other layer of ambience to an occasion.† Whether youíre chatting intimately, or not saying anything at all, a fireplace will add warmth and charm to any evening.

Family Game Night

To be honest, not every household uses the fireplace as a tool for romance, but it is a good idea. Fireplaces can be where the whole family gathers for a night of games, quiet reading, sleepovers with scary stories, mother-daughter chit chats, and the list goes on.†

Have the whole family over for símores and hot chocolate, play some board games and charades, cook hotdogs on a stick and laugh as the dog snaps up the last one. Fireplaces are the perfect excuse to lay aside the stresses of the day and just enjoy being together.

Firelight Evenings

Fireplaces are the perfect addition to any family room. Obviously, they are great for romance and family get-togethers, but they are also great for reading by, snuggled under a hand quilted blanket.† Reading by firelight is calming, enchanting, and just plain fun.

All those serene firelight scenes in movies arenít just make believe; you can have the same thing in your own home. Curl up in a rocking chair, snuggle up into a warm blanket, wrap your hands around a nice hot mug of coco, and indulge yourself in the feeling of peace and contentment.

Donít let your fireplace go to waste. If you donít want to bother with chopping wood, stop by a lumber yard, farm, or grocery store and buy some. Wood is readily available almost anywhere.† Donít let the dust of disuse settle over your fireplace. Use it at least once a month, whether it be for a gaggle of board game playing kids, or just for you and your beloved one.

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