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When you use a fireplace you will have to invest in a few fireplace tools to make using it and cleaning it much easier. Probably the most important is a screen that will prevent hot sparks from shooing out of the flames and starting a fire.

Next on the list of an essential fireplace tool would be a poker. That’s the fireplace tool used to move burning logs around in a fireplace and it is much safer to use a poker than another log or your bare hands. A small shovel and a dust pan can aid in the removal of ashes, especially if your fireplace does not have outside access for removal and disposal.

A log lifter, another useful but not absolutely necessary fireplace tool, and be used to place logs onto a burning fire. It allows for the gentle placement of additional wood, where simply throwing on a log may create sparks. You may also consider a non-flammable floor covering to go in front of the fireplace as a fireplace tool, which will protect the floor in case of jumping sparks getting out while the screen is open.

Materials To Match Your Room

Most fireplace tools are made of steel, usually cast iron, and are available in a variety of colors. Most have a black finish, but they are also commonly available in brass or in gold or silver color. They can be found, in addition to cast iron, in brass, chrome and pewter and in a variety of style.

Antique brass fireplace tools are probably the nest choice for an older home, as they will fit in the décor of the room. While owners of a newer home, may prefer the simplicity of the black wrought iron look. Another consideration in choosing a fireplace tool is the holder it will be in. Many are free-standing units which will hold up to four tools, and others can be attached to the wall making each fireplace tool easily accessible.

To complete the fireplace tool set, consider a log holder made of the same material, color and of the same design as the rest of the set. These, too, come in a variety of styles and finishes and can be obtained to match the rest of the tools. A fireplace grate is another fireplace tool often overlooked. A grate keeps the burning log off the floor of the fireplace allowing better air circulation as well as keeping direct heat from the fire brick lining.

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