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You’re tired of the same old living room. It was great when you bought the house with the terrific fireplace and all. Over the years, you’ve changed the furniture, the color scheme, the carpets, drapes and lighting, but now it looks stale again and you’re out of ideas. Here’s a new one: freshen the room with new fireplace tiles.

Color and Pattern

It seems like the fireplace would be as hard to update as the shape of the windows. But fireplaces are hot decorating features. Today’s home improvement passion has opened up the market on fireplace tiles. The assortments are nearly unlimited with colors and patterns that you wouldn’t have dreamed of just a few years ago. The tools and supplies that you need to make the change are easily available and directions for using them can be found on do it yourself videos, TV shows and online.

Step one is to decide what look you want for your room. Should there be a repeating pattern or random design? Should the colors be quiet or vibrant? Should you match or contrast the colors and patterns of your room? Just how modern do you want to go? There are no options beyond your reach. You may like to use traditional Victorian English tiles or brightly colored fireplace tiles from south of the border. Mix and match pictures with solids, smooth with textured, square with shapes. Save a little money by using one or two spectacular tiles with mostly solid color tiles

Remember that these tiles are positioned around the firebox. They have to be specially made to withstand the heat of the fireplace without cracking or fading. The manufacturers of these special tiles are making them in color families to make your design duties easier. Be sure that all of your supplies are equal to the heat of the fireplace as well. Grout that dries out will result in broken fireplace tiles. And, of course, protective coatings should never be flammable.

You can do it yourself or work with an expert. A decorator or local artist can help with the design. A mason or handyman can do the tile work. Unless the existing façade presents problems with its removal, you might want to try it yourself. Nothing lifts the spirits like a new look. If old fireplace doesn’t stand out as you think it should, try a fresh, new look with fresh, new fireplace tiles.

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