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If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, it’s probably the focal point of your room. You probably decorate around it; turning down the looks you like for looks that accent and work with the fireplace. What choice do you have, after all? The fireplace is literally “set in stone.” The furniture, curtains and accessories are easier to change than the fireplace. As much as you love, the inevitability of it might chafe a bit. If you are ready for a different look, try changing your fireplace screen.

Enhance or Hide

A fireplace screen can draw attention to the fireplace or make it fade into the background as you wish. Whether you live in an old style Victorian, a sleek 50’s space age ranch or a rustic vacation home in the woods, your fireplace likely brings out the architectural details of your home. When you want to show off the features of your home, enhance the fireplace with a screen that fits into the style of your home. A wrought iron filigree or faux stained glass fireplace screen for the Victorian will bring out the antique quality of the wood work. For the space age ranch, you can cover a purchased screen with vinyl or Mylar. A rustic screen of punched metal will fit right in with that vacation home.

If your climate includes a long, hot summer, you might want to distract from your fireplace for several months of the year. You can fill the fire box with cut flowers or candles or pottery or you can use a bright summery fireplace screen. A section of picket fence painted a summery color and cut to fit the front of the fireplace can have garden flowers painted or decoupaged to disguise your fireplace. You can sew simple covers for a screen to change its appearance with the seasons. The advantage to this idea is that covers can be made for holidays, too. Just choose a screen with a shape that can be covered easily.

The point is, even though your fireplace is a permanent part of your décor, you don’t have to ignore it when you decorate. Make it part of your decorating scheme. Add architectural details with glass or metal. Add color and shape with fabric. After all, the walls are permanent but that doesn’t stop you from painting them. Just think of your fireplace screen as a fresh coat of paint for your fireplace.

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