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It makes no difference in which room a fireplace is located, its fit into the rooms’ décor will be enhanced by using a fireplace mantle. They are available made from wood for the so-it-yourselfer or in various types of stone, depending on the size of the room and the size of your budget.

A fireplace mantle can be as simple as attaching a wood from to the front of the fireplace, and adding a molded piece of wood to the top. Adding a thinker, flat board to the top will also add a shelf to the room. Care must be taken, however, to ensure anything to might place on a fireplace mantle won’t be subject to extreme heat or flame from a fire, making your home susceptible to fire.

Before adding a fireplace mantle, it may be beneficial to ensure the fireplace is in good, working condition with no leaks in the flue or in the chimney lining. If you have some knowledge of carpentry, it should not be difficult to find simple fireplace mantle directions on the internet.

A website, offers free advice and directions for building a simple wood fireplace mantle and lists needed materials and tools. With this list you can visit your favorite home improvement store, get what you need and then build your own fireplace mantle.

Stone Is Heavier But Safer

Unless you have experience and the tools to work with stone or marble, a fireplace mantle made of these materials are probably best left to the experts. While sandstone, a popular material in the making of a fireplace mantle, is considered a soft stone, making proper cuts and attachments to keep it secured, is something a knowledgeable stonemason is better equipped to handle.

A marble fireplace mantle is something else altogether, as it is an extremely hard material and takes special tools to properly fit pieces together. Sandstone and marble are also a lot heavier than wood and help will be required to left hem into place. They also take special methods to attach and hold firmly in place.

There are even stone fireplace mantles which are made of individual stones cemented together. Again, this type of project is probably best left to the professionals as they have the experience and knowledge to correctly assemble a mantle of stones, without fear of the cement failing, causing the stones to fall out and crumble.

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