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Your son just won his 3rd consecutive Chess tournament, but youíve run out of space on his burgeoning bedroom shelves. So where do you put this trophy and all the other trophies he will win in the future? Well, if you have a fireplace mantel you have just solved your problem!

Your In-Home Trophy Case

Even if your kid isnít a world class Chess champ, the fireplace mantel is the perfect place for showing off even the smallest of your childís achievements. Whether your child is Mathlete of the year, or JV MVP you can store all of his precious placards on the mantel.

Just to see your childís eyes light up at the mommy-built shire in honor of all his hard work, makes dusting it all well worth it.† It wonít matter that the only thing of material value on the fireplace mantel are the screws that hold the trophies together, because the feeling of accomplishment will follow him throughout his life.

I know that this sounds a little far-fetched, but sometimes itís the little things a parent does, that shapes the lives of their children.

Your In-Home Picture Gallery

If you adore the works of Georgia OíKeefe or if Thomas Kinkade is more your style, you can proudly display your works of art on your fireplace mantel. Made from wood, marble, or even synthetic plastic the fireplace mantel can be designed and installed to fit any art loverís decorative desires.†

Why not add some recessed lighting and mirrors around your fireplace to give the picture gallery effect to your living room. Creating an in-home picture gallery is easy and fun. Just pull your masterpieces out of the attic, put them on or above your fireplace mantel and sit back. The adoring public will be by shortly.

Your In-Home Antiques Store

Visit any antiques stores lately? Have you chanced upon an Antiques Roadshow? Have you been hiding a family heirloom in your dusty attic for years? If you have discovered a musty treasure why not clean it up and put it on display in your living room?

A fireplace mantel can be the perfect place to show off your antique mantel clocks, porcelain rooster collection, or a collection of antique vases. No matter how old or how new your collection, you can cherish it by the fire for years.

I hope that I have convinced you of the many uses for your fireplace mantel. Donít let it just be empty space. Fill it with those things that truly matter, and let others enjoy them as well.

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