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You love your fireplace. But somehow you don’t use it as often as you would like to. It may be difficult to clean or inefficient or have some flaw that affects its operation but not its appearance. You hate the idea of replacing the thing. It would be a long, dirty ordeal –ripping down the existing fireplace and having a new fireplace installed from the ground up. The answer to this situation is simple. Look for a fireplace insert.

New From the Inside Out

A fireplace insert is an enclosed heating unit that fits into the fire box and, in effect, becomes a new fireplace without altering the appearance of the existing one. Usually made from cast iron or steel, a fireplace insert includes the self cleaning glass doors through which the fire can be viewed. The popularity enjoyed by fireplaces has made the sale of inserts a thriving business. As a result, there are styles to fit all tastes, sizes to fit all fireplaces and designs to accommodate your preferred fuel.

You can find a fireplace insert for natural gas, wood, pellet, coal or propane. An old-fashioned wood burning fireplace can be converted into a gas or coal or any other type of fireplace easily. The insert can be either single or double-walled. The more usual double-walled insert uses the space between its walls for the circulation of heated air, making it more efficient. The single-walled insert uses the existing fireplace masonry to create air circulation.

You can easily find an insert with a fan to force heat into the room instead of up the chimney and some have thermostats to regulate the temperature. Blowers are a typical feature of the fireplace insert to help direct the heat. Inserts can be vented to work with a chimney or vent free.

Although it works in conjunction with your fireplace, the fireplace insert is a self enclosed heating unit. As with anything that uses an open flame, a fireplace insert should be installed and used by someone who knows how. Your existing fireplace, fire box and chimney should be matched to the proper unit for safety. Most retailers provide the necessary information to help you choose the right insert for your fireplace and operate it safely. You may find that the increased efficiency and ease of use provided by a fireplace insert will make your fireplace a dream come true.

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