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When you think of fireplaces, you probably think of a solid, substantial structure built into the wall of a home where logs can be placed for burning. Thatís the traditional view. Today, fireplaces are much more and a whole lot less. New fireplaces might be portable. Thatís because of the new fuels available for burning.

Wood needs a chimney to vent smoke and fumes. Electricity has neither, is attached to the home only by an outlet but doesnít have those crackling flames. Gas has flames but also has fumes. It can be ventless but only in the right conditions and it has to be piped in through carefully installed gas pipes. The most portable, ventless, flaming fuel available is fireplace gel.

Gel is Swell

Fireplace gel is an alcohol mix contained in a can. It only needs a small decorative container. You have an instant fireplace. Of course, most of the charm of a fireplace is its lovely appearance. Fortunately, manufacturers are turning out many designs to accommodate gel fuel. Ventless fireplaces in every decorating style can be used with fireplace gel. In fact, your antique fireplace works quite well just by adding a decorative container of fireplace gel and lighting up. Of course, there are faux logs that work with the gel to give the look of the old-fashioned fireplace.

The container that holds the gel is small enough to fit on a table for a grown-up accent at a night time patio party. When there are children around, put the container in a fireplace and a fireplace screen provides safety. The containers wonít tip over easily and the gel fire doesnít throw sparks like a wood fire does. A fireplace designed specifically for fireplace gel is truly portable. It needs no chimney, vent, outlet or pipe. Whenever you redecorate, you can move your fireplace from the living room to the bedroom or the backyard, if the creative spirit inspires you. Without the need for fireproof surroundings, thereís nothing to dismantle.

Of course, you donít have to limit yourself to just one fireplace. You can decorate with a tower that holds one can of gel or a rectangular box that holds three. Towers and boxes come in many colors and all styles. Thereís something for every place and every occasion where a fire will add atmosphere. It can add to a fireplace or put a shelf full of candles to shame. If you like the crackle of a real fire, look into the convenience of fireplace gel.

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