Fireplace Doors For A Household Fireplace

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Fireplace doors are among the fireplaces accessories that can be used as an alternative to regular fireplace screens. If by some reason pertaining to style or availability you are not able to use a fire screen, using a fireplace door would make a more attractive fireplace.

Types Of Fireplace Doors

Two main types of fireplace doors have been commonly used. One is the single door that covers the entire fireplace opening, and the other type is the two-piece fireplace door that opens on hinges such that the connecting seam runs down the middle of the fireplace opening. Besides these two types, some more contemporary and unique styles are available that do not fit into these categories. Further, all fireplace doors are not sold as complete units. In some types, you have to buy the framing portions separately from the individual door pieces. An important issue in purchasing a door for the fireplace is whether or not the door will require additional framework in order to complete the opening and installation of the door. In all cases of making a purchase, make sure beforehand whether the door comes with everything required for completing your fireplace. There are fireplace doorframes available in a wide variety of material and finish ranging from gold, silver and pewter, to iron and many other materials.

Fireplace Curtains

While many people think fireplace curtains as fitting more in the category of fire screens, they seem to fit more closely with the fireplace doors. This is because fireplace curtains can be placed in either a closed, open, or partly open position.

Using Fireplace Doors

To give a more expensive and unique look to your fireplace, you can incorporate bi-fold glass fireplace doors. These doors contain four panels of polished and tempered glass. Each half of these doors bends in the middle and slides along ball bearings, which are located at the top and bottom of the doors. Also, these doors are characterized by feature draft control at the bottom section of the doors.

Bi-fold doors for the fireplace are available for sale on eBay and from any reputable seller. While for some people buying used doors is not a very attractive option, those looking for relatively inexpensive doors for their fireplace may well find it a luring option to buy doors for a few hundred bucks when they cost more than $1,000 if purchased brand new. Some places will offer these for as low as $200.

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