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With the growing number of homes being built with fireplaces, the danger of residential fires has increased. Why, you ask?† Simple.† Fireplaces require chimneys, chimneys require cleaning, and people donít even think about getting their chimneys cleaned. That is where fireplace chimney sweeps come in handy.

More Than A Man Covered In Soot

The fireplace chimney sweep is more than just a dirty man with a broom in his hand. The chimney sweep is essential to maintaining a safe fireplace chimney. The principal job of a chimney sweep is to help prevent chimney related fires. Although it is common for there to be fires in fireplaces, fires in chimneys are dangerous. Chimneys arenít just a fixture in fireplaces; wood stoves, coal, oil and gas heating systems usually come equipped with some sort of ventilation system.

Chimney sweeps help keep the risk of chimney fires low by cleaning and maintaining chimney systems. Not only are they useful for chimney scrubbing but they also evaluate and help improve the performance of your fireplace chimney. Chimney sweeps also inform and educate the homeowner on the proper use and maintenance of their chimney.

Your Personal In-Home Fire Prevention

As much as a chimney sweep does for the care and maintenance of your fireplace chimney, he also does far more.

Chimney sweeps double as in-home fire prevention specialists. While they are busy scrubbing away at the crud in your chimney, they are feverishly searching for any unsafe condition that can lead to a chimney fire, or unhealthy or fatal air quality. In truth, chimney sweeps donít just clean your chimney; they also save your life.

Not Just Any Sweep Will Do

Despite the awesome importance of the chimney sweepís job, it isnít a regulated profession. Any olí Average Joe (in some cases below average), can front the money for the equipment and set about cleaning chimneys. Many would think that chimney sweep should not only be equipped but also be educated on how to use that equipment. Sadly, in this case, that is wrong. Anyone with the desire to be a chimney sweep can be one, it doesnít matter with they know nothing about cleaning chimneys, fire safety, chimney inspection, or equipment usage. If they have the money, and the desire they can just be a chimney sweep.

Scary, isnít it?

Well there is good news.

There are many states that are pushing for regulation regarding the chimney sweep profession. But until there are clear cut guidelines, it would be smart to enlist the services of a CSIA certified chimney sweep. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated educating chimney sweeps on chimney and venting system safety.

So if you are in need of a fireplace chimney sweep, do your homework. Not only should you want youíre chimney to be cleaned, but you should want it done properly the first time.

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