Fireplace Accessories For Every Household

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Fireplace Accessories For Every Household

In the not-so-distant past, most homes relied on fireplaces as a necessity for heating. Certainly, it was enjoyable, too, to have a warm and cozy fireplace in the living room for family get togethers or on wintry evenings. Even in warm climates, the presence of a nice fireplace adds to the value of the house. The right fireplace accessories, to decorate your fireplace with, are thus of high importance to every household.

Factors In Selecting Fireplace Accessories

Two main factors that determine the purchase of most fireplace accessories are style and convenience. Style requires that the accessories you buy fit well with the design and look of the fireplace. Convenience refers to the ease of using the accessories. Without convenience, even the most stylish accessories are practically worthless, since you do mean to enjoy the warmth of your elegant fireplace (or do you really want a showpiece?). Some commonly used fireplace accessories are described below.

Fireplace Match Holders

A variety of material including wrought iron, brass, oak, and copper is used to make fireplace match holders. These come in varied designs and fall in a range of prices. Whatever style you choose, match holders allow you the ease of readily picking your matches for lighting a fire.

Damper Pulls     

Damper pulls remain one of the oldest and frequently used fireplace accessories. Damper pulls are mostly made of brass and are used for opening and closing a fireplace damper. A damper pull is usually about a foot long, with a hook on the end. This hook makes the opening and closing of the damper easy. When the fireplace is not in use, you can hang the damper pull from the wall, mantle, or a fireplace stand.

Fireplace Grates

Perhaps the most important of all fireplace accessories are the fireplace grates. A properly installed grate offers better protection to the floor of the fireplace. Without a grate, the floor may become hot to a degree that it may suffer damage. A grate serves to reduce the amount of heat reaching the floor. Also, a fireplace grate allows the wood to burn better. As the wood does not touch the floor, the air beneath the burning wood is at a higher temperature. This allows the wood to burn more effectively. Fireplace grates make clean up easier since they hold the wood in place and significantly check the amount of embers that get scattered about the fireplace floor.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens impart charm and beauty to the fireplace. Made of brass, pewter, copper, glass, iron, and chrome, these fireplace accessories add both style and extra security to your fireplace. A fireplace screen functions to prevent pets from getting injuries. They also keep hot sparks from damaging the floor area around the fireplace.

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