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Today’s home improvement craze has old homes being updated and remodeled all over the world. The charm of an old home is irresistible for many of us, especially when combined with some of our modern conveniences. While many of the architectural details found in the older homes are priceless and irreplaceable, some the repairs can be very pricey indeed. One problem is the crumbling chimney that makes a charming fireplace unusable. Technology has that one covered. An electric fireplace insert makes an old wood-burning fireplace a clean burning modern convenience.

Convert to Clean

Modern wood-burning fireplaces are designed according to anti-pollution regulations. The older fireplaces may not meet local building codes even if they don’t need repair. Older chimneys often pull heat from the room, making them an inefficient way to warm a room. Add to that the messy cleanup and you may want to consider an alternative.

An electric fireplace insert is a stove that fits into the fire box of an existing fireplace. It is fully enclosed with a metal box and glass doors that contain the heat and allow it to radiate into the room. The wide selection of styles allows you to choose an insert that disappears into your old fireplace or one that adds decorative details. Although electric fireplaces don’t make flames, it is difficult to tell by looking. The ingenious designs will make your guests believe that your antique fireplace is working as well as the day it was made and never suspect that it’s enhanced with an electric insert. Only those who are sensitive to wood smoke will know.

All that’s needed for an electric fireplace insert is a three pronged outlet. No chimney repairs are needed. In fact, no chimney is needed. If you want a fireplace for your outdoor deck, an electric fireplace insert can make it a reality. The heat is much more versatile than the traditional fireplace. The electric fireplace can be set for “flames” without heat. If you want heat, it can be set from low to cozy. And the next time you want to redecorate, you can remove the electric fireplace insert and move it to any other place you choose.

If you’re remodeling an old house, the fuel savings from your electric fireplace insert will come in handy. Electricity heats cleanly, efficiently and without heat loss. New or old, whatever your taste in homes, you may want to consider an electric fireplace insert.






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