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At one time, the wood-burning fireplace was a necessary part of a home. It was the source of heat and, sometimes a place to cook. That was a long time ago. The first generation that didn’t need a fireplace for cooking and heating wanted one because they had grown up sharing family time around the fireplace and couldn’t imagine a home without one.

The difficulty in maintaining a wood-burning fireplace eventually inspired builders to include gas fireplaces in new construction. The beauty and tradition of the fireplace remained while the messy cleanup and need for wood was gone. As homes became all electric and families focused on television instead of each other, the fireplace began to disappear.

Today’s Fireplace

Today, a fireplace is a much-desired feature in a home. The beauty of modern materials in a mantle and surround make the fireplace a focal point in any room. While the need for a heating source is no longer felt in the centrally heated home of today, the feeling of intimacy and tradition is treasured. The answer to the desire for a fireplace in the modern all-electric home is, not surprisingly, an electric fireplace.

The electric fireplace looks like its traditional forebear with stone, tile or any type of material plus a mantel. All styles are represented. It is easy to match your favorite décor with an appropriate fireplace. Missing is the flame of the old-fashioned fire since electricity burns cleanly. There are many choices to replace the flames, however. Several manufacturers can supply the homeowner with a system of flickering lights, faux logs or other substitutes. The heat of the flame is present, however. Instead of most of the heat going up the chimney, though, all of the heat goes into the room.

The electric fireplace doesn’t even need a chimney, preventing the gusts of cold air that once was part of the unlit fireplace. Also missing is the mess that comes from burning wood into piles of ash and the smoky smells that could be so irritating to eyes and throats. And electric fireplace that is free-standing rather than built-in can even be moved to accent a change in room decorating. While many of the modern technological changes in our world have some people bemoaning the loss of the old institutions, the electric fireplace is able to satisfy the modernist as well as the traditionalist by combining the best of both worlds.

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