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Most home buyers hope to find the perfect dream house Ė including at least one fireplace. The traditional style house always has a spot thatís just right for a fireplace. It should be centered on the wall that you see as you enter the room, of course. There should be a nice chimney that can be painted a contrasting color or composed of natural stone to draw attention to this dreamy focal point. These days, modern architecture doesnít always include that perfect spot. Not every room has that nicely placed wall facing the entry. But every room has at least one corner. That means thereís always a spot for a corner fireplace.

Looking at the Angles

If youíre like most homeowners, you donít have a chimney in the corner of your room. That isnít a problem. A corner fireplace can be a self-enclosed fire box with a mantel designed to fit into a corner. Depending on whether you want a fireplace for heat, appearance or ambiance, your fuel can be electricity, gel or gas. A vent or chimney can be added to accommodate a wood-burning fireplace.

While a corner fireplace can seem unusual, there is a wide selection available from manufacturers. It should be easy to find just the fireplace that you want. A corner fireplace would look exactly right in a room where architectural features take up much of the wall space. Doorways, windows and built-ins can eat up the kind of wall space that should feature a fireplace. When planning a room with a corner fireplace, it would be good to be able to center the furniture on the fireplace corner. If that arrangement would block a normal traffic flow, you may be considering the wrong room.

A corner fireplace might be perfect for a bedroom or for an outdoor dining area. The corner-shaped mantel makes an attractive conversation piece no matter what style you choose. Itís good for a small room as well since it takes up less room than a large, rectangular fireplace does. An empty corner between a wall of windows and the sliding doors to a deck can become a focus for family gatherings or intimate dinners.

There are many more styles and fuel combinations. The full potential of a corner fireplace canít be appreciated in a short introduction. Take a look online and in the decorating magazines to learn more. Isnít there a corner of your life where a corner fireplace could spread some light?

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