Brick Fireplace – To Have Or Not To Have, That Is The Question

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When you modernize your house and you bring in the fancy designer to help in bringing your home to the 21st century level of modernization, most likely he/she would advise you to get rid of the brick fireplace your ancestors had built in your home.  However, many people are emotionally attached to their old fireplaces, and may not feel too great in having it demolished, though they realize that the brick fireplace looks quite shabby and will not match a re-vamping in the interior décor.

Does A Brick Fireplace Look Modern Enough For The Times We Live In?

There is no right or wrong answer here. You will know when you see it whether it suits your style or not. And hence, when we are talking of one’s personal liking and disliking, there is no way one can tell which opinion is better that the other. Opinions are opinions – everybody is entitled to their own.

There are, thankfully, other criteria to help you decide whether you should keep it or destroy it/ replace it. The main criterion of course, is your budget. If your budget is tight, then by all means, you keep the brick fireplace where it is. In order to improve its looks, have it cleaned, repaired and then painted with vibrant colors that add to the colors chosen for the interior decoration of the house.

In case money is no bother, and you still love the fireplace, then you could replace the brick fireplace with a wooden or marble one. Both these materials would give your room a luxurious look and feel.  In case you still need to cut corners on the finances, you could leave the brick fireplace as it is, and just mount a mantel of marble or wood, or a combination of both. The impact of these would make an excellent prop in the interior décor of any house.

The installation of a marble or wood fireplace mantel will require you to take the help of professionals, as this would require specific mounting and fixing. The involvement of a professional becomes doubly critical when the fire place would be meant to be used. For the dummy one, of course, there is absolutely no problem since it will not endanger anyone.

To summarize, your decision on whether you should or not include the brick fireplace depends upon the fact whether the interior décor is being changed with or without the appropriate budget.

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