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Contemporary Fireplace Designs

A fireplace is a great addition to any home regardless of its size. Not only can it enhance the interior beauty of a room but it can also complement the heating system of the house. Obviously so because it is an area where family members can build a fire to keep them warm during chilly weather. Many people will agree that nothing can compare to the heat a fire creates and the relaxing sound of crackling flames.

Homeowners who prefer simple and straight lines can go for the contemporary fireplace designs. Contemporary is often associated with modern designs that therefore don’t follow the traditional types. This kind of fireplace can be considered the minimalist type but when properly planned, it can create a big impact in a specific room.

When choosing a specific style for your home, careful planning is essential. This should start by determining your preferences and budget before anything else. By preferences, this means the type of fireplace you want, materials and size according to the available space in your house.

A wide variety of contemporary fireplace designs can be checked by homeowners on the internet. There are numerous websites that cater to this type even providing photos and valuable tips. From these resources alone, you can already get a good idea of the kind of fireplace you’d want for your home.

A major consideration would be the type of fuel to use. The contemporary fireplace normally does not use wooden logs to create fire. What are commonly used for this type today include natural gas, fuel gel and electricity particularly if you want to avoid smoke and ashes in your home. Using wood can require much effort from start to finish and for families sensitive to smoke and other allergens, this fuel is not recommended.

Other choices are between the fireplace with direct vent and the ventless type. The direct vent type is ideal for rooms where a traditional and built in fireplace is not possible. This unit is also a space saver at it can be positioned directly in front of any furniture with zero clearance required. While this can be a freestanding style, it can also be used inset into a wall.

The ventless type, on the other hand, does not require a chimney and are actually cheaper to use compared to the others. This often utilizes natural gas or propane as fuel. Ideally, this can be used in a specific room where additional heat source is needed. The stylish designs also add to the overall beauty of the room.

In terms of material, stones are no longer the trend. Commonly used are stainless steel, copper, aluminum among many others. Shapes and sizes have become varied as well, you’ll even find futuristic designs you’ve never imagined before for fireplaces.

Contemporary fireplace designs are just about endless today. It can be quite difficult to decide which one to choose but again, it goes back to assessing your needs and preferences. Once you have an idea of what you want, take the time to confirm it and then go for it.

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